life lately

May is done. Yay! Here’s life lately:

Supporting the locals, supporting cider:
You bet I watched the whole thing:

The annual 24hr. eco-endurance challenge was a bit more challenging this year without mom and Alice but once Jill and I got the compass settings figured out, we were good to go!
Our first follow-a-baring while bushwhacking adventure was a success, we found the trail: We also found Sarah and Trevor, who were great companions for the afternoon:Check point:Up on the knoll:This trail was actually a very wet swamp:Driving through Bridgewater and I spotted a yard sale. 9 out of 10 times, Mike does not pullover when I yell ‘YARDSALE!”…
Leah joined the Youth Running Series this season:David has moved up to the next age group – he’s hoping for a top 10 finish this season and is doing well:He also joined the YHZ run club and gets to do fun things like track meets:The 60m dash: Third overall:The long jump – second overall: The 600m race – first overall:Not shown – Shot Put, third overall. Final score, third overall in the Tetrathlon for ages 8-9. We celebrated at the Armview: Mother’s Day breakfast in bed: Mother’s Day morning at Point Pleasant Park: Henry doing a little shell-shucking:Mother’s Day selfie:
Signs of Spring on Cabot Street: The leaves are out:And the flowers are blooming:
Plus Mike got the trampoline up – Can you tell he’s in the Insurance business. No kid is suing us! We were spoiled with a few really warm days and I was spoiled with a lunch date with Sarah at Dee Dee’s:Bluenose weekend! David and I ran the 5km together:
We finished under 25 minutes, which is pretty awesome since it’s the furthest he’s ever run: 

Victoria Day Discovery Centre adventure: Blue skies:The innovation room is pretty cool:
And so is the theatre space. He’s practicing for his school talent show:We had lunch at Tomavinos Pizza. Fun fact, Tomavinos is where Mike and I had our first date:Sushi with Sarah, Georgina and Amanda before the I Love The 90’s Tour:
Sarah got us some fun tees for the night:
I am pretty sure this was during All-4-One’s set:Cabot Trail Relay time! Baddeck, such a charmer:
True:What’s leg 1 without Beerbox Head? Elissa running the hills like no big deal: Day 1 was very wet and very cold. Very Cape Breton:I spy Steph in wearing the Team 71 singlet:
Day 2 was sunny. Still at little cold at 6:30 am: The early morning cheering squad – relays involve car sharing, hotel sharing and even kid sharing: The end of leg 17. I did it:Our team (all but Jon)! 18th overall, 8th place for a mixed team:Election Day:Yup.
Tuesday nights are Spin and Barre nights at Cyclone – Kristin teaches and I go! We celebrated her last night with Amanda and Robyn at the Highwayman for post-workout drinks. The Garden Party was delicious!
Birthday mail: First week of marathon training is done. It was more about active recovery but that’s okay:

I ended my 17km run in Bedford at the Jumping Bean coffee shop:

Right after, we walked for the CAWS (Canadian Association for Williams Syndrome):

My next read for bookclub:Surprise! My brother-in-law surprised my sister with a plane ticket home for her 40th birthday! Erin is the oldest but shortest of the sisters:

Surprise! She though we were going out for a quiet family dinner at Mappatura Bistro but we invited her friends too:

The night ended at the Maxwell’s Plum. Cheers!That’s a wrap. I’ll be back again.

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