big (not) little houses

Who watched Big Little Lies?

Forget the murder mystery, I was in it for the houses! Every single one of them… even Jane’s. But Bonnie – oh my god. Bonnie. Your house is everything!

I listened to the audiobook last year and loved it – the women, the drama – it was all very enjoyable and the story got me through some tough long runs however, when I heard it was being made into a mini series staring Reese Witherspoon and the location was changed to Monterey, California, I was hooked before episode 1 aired. Have I mentioned that central California is my very favourite place?

We went when David was seven months old:

and I went back with my Mom and Dad 4 years later:

But enough about me and my obsession. Let me know which house was your favourite?

CELESTE – She nailed outdoor living JANE – Needs work but I love a bungalow MADELINE – great kitchen and karaoke set up RENATA – my least favourite but I’ll take the pool BONNIE – I want it all


The photos are all from the Vulture article: Here’s How Much Those Stunning Homes on Big Little Lies Cost. I recommend checking out the prices… it may surprise you (but probably not).

psst. I want Reese to play me in the movie about my life

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