life lately

Since the end of February we had snow, lost snow, got more snow and still have snow. March break brought us back to Sunday River for the third year and now that it is April, it’s time to close the book on winter. Right? Here’s life lately:

Sometimes there are big rewards for early morning adventures:Sarah and I had the most delicious lunch date:It turns out John can be as funny as his wife:Once I figured out how to tie them like this (Youtube tutorial), I really fell in love with my Bean Boots: Roaming around the elementary school: Therapy session:
We went to the Timber Lounge, which was so much fun. I started out strong and fell apart: A view from the top of Wentworth: Pancake Tuesday! My favourite holiday:  What I made with defrosted beans turned out to be much better than the original dinner. Eggs make everything better:Hanging at the eye doctor: Oh, Henry: Many good memories at Sunny Side Mall: Pizza night – David made his own pie from scratch: Boys being boys: Team QuizKnows representing Trivia night at The Anchor – hosted by Cyclone in support of Heart&Stroke: The older they get, the louder they snore: Trying to fix my stupid groin. Doing my stretches. Going to physio . Walking backwards on my treadmill – whatever it takes: Celebrating International Women’s Day by celebrating all of these amazing women:I thought I’d get a discount because my dog is a senior… Turns out the city does not care if my dog is senior – the discount would be if I am a senior. So I told the person on the phone that I am not spayed… turns out the city does not care if I am spayed – the discount would be if my dog is. I told her that their form is poorly designed. She told me, I am not the first one to say that: Kristin and I went strawberry picking last summer and she made cupcakes with her frozen berries: Are polar bears compostable? An afternoon walk around my parents property – the beavers were sleeping: David and Edith:Driving though New Brunswick: Dear Santa, thank you for these awesome goggles – they’ve served me well since 1994 but sadly I had to say goodbye:We convinced Josh and Sabrina to join us at Sunday River this year:Tough day on the slopes: Sampling the beer at the Sunday River Brewing Company : David and Ari are on this year’s trail map (with Eddie the Yeti):To reach greatness (or a good run), sometimes you need to put in the effort:It started snowing on Tuesday afternoon…… and snowed all night, giving us 20 inches of fresh powder on Wednesday:Mike had a really good Wednesday: He’s the reason why I ski: Liam, David and Ari were excited for ski school and lots of fresh powder: Hello Maine:David and Liam in the gondola:He’s the other reason why I ski:The last day on the hill tradition: We spent a night in Bangor. Sabrina and I had a date at Target and stayed until the lights went out at 10:00:On the drive home as I was catching up on news/gossip and realized Mike and Harry have the same hair style:David participated in a lifeguarding competition – he’s the third from the bottom, on his way back: They’re leaving me… the house sold so fast I din’t have time to jinx it:Still snowing:
Making supper, watching Riverdale:He’s the reason I love being home: Halifax went crazy for Burger Week – I managed to get one in before I got the flu. Amanda, Sarah and I went vegan at enVie:My sister Erin found this on Facebook and I am very confused and somewhat concerned: I had a tea date with Erica:David went to a Harry Potter party:It’s been awhile since I had a coddled egg:More snow:Mom’s chocolate chip cookie recipe: Hello sunshine

That’s a wrap. I’ll be back again.

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