taking stock : march

Oh March, you are a nasty beast. It’s when I want Spring so bad but mother nature is not done with throwing snow, ice and cold temperatures our way. March is not over yet, but I’m over with it. Bring on the April showers and let’s take time to take stock:

Inspired by
My bestie Sarah who teaches high school kids. I know I complain A LOT about the teacher’s union, excessive (and mostly unnecessary) school closures, PD days, the school year calendar … on and on and on … BUT when Sarah tells me about her day, it blows my mind! She’s a rockstar – trust me, or just walk down the streets of Halifax with her and see if for yourself =  at least 5 kids will give her a shout-out. Totally jealous. 

I finally (it took me 6 months) finished
A Little Life. It was beautiful but devastating and I had to take many breaks. I am now reading The Nest, which seems to be less heartbreaking.

Listening to
S•Town (Podcast) – who isn’t this week? Mike and I started listening to Trevor Noah’s Born A Crime on the drive to Sunday River. It’s our first attempt at a co-listen audiobook and we’re loving it. It’s also my bookclub read and I’m glad I went with the audio version because his narration is awesome.

I want to be watching Big Little Lies but I’m not (yet!). I flew through Riverdale (so good!) and am now waiting patiently for the next episode. Also, can someone please point me in the direction of the Love Actually reunion?

Thinking about
David’s birthday in April. The big 8.  

Dreaming of
Pies – this summer. I want to make a lot of pies. Peach, cherry, rhubarb, key lime…

Had a bout of gastro last weekend so I’m not into food or drinks right now – it’s mostly been toast and honey + tea.

New earphones – I lost sound in my right earphone which makes me run on a tilt.

Physio. Must fix this groin problem asap! Yesterday she put me on the treadmill and filmed me running, from behind, in slow motion. This was something I did not enjoy watching. Call me crazy, but I don’t mind dry needling. 

Lakes. I plan to spend more time around and in lakes this summer. 

A handheld vacuum. I think it will be a game changer… but I am too lazy to research if the Dyson is worth the price. Please offer reviews/advice.

How about you? Do you stop and take stock of life lately? 

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8 thoughts on “taking stock : march

  1. Got a Dyson after Christmas this year. We ordered the V8 Absolute when they had it on sale in the Dyson website. Free shipping. Love it. It look a lot of nagging for me to convince Josh to go cordless but he loves it as well. Holds enough of a charge to do our entire upper floor plus stairs and a couple of rooms in the basement. Attachments that come with it are fantastic. It’s a game changer for cleaning a car as well. Also super easy to empty. I’m converted 100%. I’ve heard some less favourable reviews but those have been about earlier models from several years ago so maybe they’ve stepped up their game.

    Also – all caught up on riverdale, thanks for the recommendation. Starting Big Little Lies next

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    • I love your review! Thanks! If I say JOSH was on board, that will help. I am looking at the handheld (only) version because we already have a bigger vacuum (with cord) that is good on the big weekly job. I am mostly looking for the daily quick stair job and around the kitchen table… Right now I have my eye on the DYSON DC61 Animal …


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