taking stock : february

februaryHappy Pancake Tuesday and good riddance February! I must say however, February has been pretty good – it flew by (probably because we were away form a good part of it) and with March Break right around the corner, I feel like I got this whole winter thing under control. Turns out, embracing winter works! Let’s take time to take stock:

Inspired by
We’re watching a lot of athletes doing cool stuff on YouTube these days. Last night I introduced David to the King of Kosak! Jean-Luc Brassard

I just started 
Hillbilly Elegy: A Memoir of a Family and Culture in Crisis

Listening to
Missing Richard Simmons (Podcast) – I didn’t realize he was missing… It is a fascinating and sad listen. Thanks Anna!

I watched 10 episodes of Divorce on the plane and it reminded me that I love Sarah Jessica Parker. It was an intense month for movies – I watched +20 in less than 30 days.

Thinking about
A good song for my leg of the Cabot Trail Relay. Suggestions?

Dreaming of
Spring. A little warmer. A little closer to Summer.

Granola and yogurt right now. 
And good news, wine seems to be okay again. 

A special gift for my sister’s big 4o coming up.

Time time with friends before they leave.

Lunch dates. Call me.

Time to take a course or two online.

How about you? Do you stop and take stock of life lately? 

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