the ghosts of halloween past

It’s a sad halloween for this mom. Since about October 25 of last year, David has made it very clear that he no longer digs the homemade costumes so it was the Green Lantern or bust in 2016.halloween-2016-1A lot of blood, sweat and minimal sewing skills went into my creations but this year, all I did was a check-out at … To be honest, I have checked-out completely this holiday since the marathon is in SIX DAYS and I am trying to avoid all things sugary including chocolates and stoop wine on Halloween night. Lame. I know.

So to celebrate my lack of creativity, lets take a trip down memory lane and look back at some of our better years. I have less than 365 days to convince my child to let me put my fine arts degree to good use again.

Fire fighter: 2011halloween-2011My Itsy Bitsy Spider : 2012halloween-2012Boo-ya!: 2013 (2 costumes, 1 year)halloween-2013halloween-2013bUp and Away: 2014halloween-2014Mission Halloween: 2015halloween-2015Be safe. Have fun. halloween-2016-2

(I’m a purple pencil crayon)

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