I spotted these online and could not wait until Friday to show you : Beautiful glass egg coddlers in 4 sizes! 4d134a2d-5309-46b6-9f9a-7e196f5588f0-2016-0119_fortessa_egg-coddler_family_rocky-luten_013I love a good soft poached but the coddled egg is my favourite – my collection of coddlers are the Royal Worcester porcelain cups and I use them frequently when I am feeling particularly fancy.dsc_0394 You can toss anything you want in the coddler but I am a fan of just eggs + a few shavings of a sharp cheddar + dollop of butter + salt and pepper. Make sure you have some slices of dipping bread and do not overcook! Nothing… absolutely nothing, is sadder than a hard coddled egg (except hard eggs benny). dsc_0398 dsc_0401 I suggest bringing a pot to of water (deep enough to cover up to the rim of your coddler) to a boil and plunk them in for about 7-10 minutes. I find it helps to take one out a check after 7 minutes, and even stir things around so the egg cooks evenly.dsc_0402 dsc_0405 dsc_0408

What’s your favourite way to eat eggs?

I will never understand people who put ketchup on their eggs so don’t talk to me about that.

Where’s your favourite breakfast joint?

My all time favourite breakfast ever was at Cheeky’s in Palms Spring (it was so good that we went two days in a row).

Second place goes to the former Jane’s On The Commons – their vegetarian eggs benny was amazing. I’m still grieving the loss however, her daughter’s restaurant Edna, makes a benny so I really shouldn’t whine.

Third place goes to The Coastal Cafe and their Los Huevos Rancheros

And finally, what’s your favourite breakfast?

I will always pick an egg over something sweet like pancakes or waffles at breakfast time.

psst. The first photo is from Food 52 and all other photos are by me.
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