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Hey all, Happy Labour Day. I have to work (womp womp) but, I thought it’d be fun to take a break and try a life lately post – a whole lot of pics which I’ve mostly kept on my phone and off Instagram – until now. The last few weeks have been busy…

Back to school shopping – he’s mostly okay with grade two. IMG_6091Lunch date at the Heartwood with my sister and niece. Their veggie burger is pretty amazing.
IMG_6092Edith is now + 6 weeks old and 6 x more adorable!  
I still won’t eat alpha sprouts (salmonella poisoning once) so they only stayed for the photo.
Summer soccer is a wrap. David’s fourth season at Halifax City Soccer Club.
IMG_6098Finally tried the ‘Montreal-style’ bagels at East Coast Bakery. Yum.
IMG_6102It was National Dog Day and Henry and I celebrated by lying on the grass together.
IMG_6114Long run, and for 27 km I thought about this:
IMG_6111David’s last day at Mic Mac Aquatic Club. Not a bad place to spend summer.
IMG_6116To celebrate the end of summer camp, we went to our friend’s house for a BBQ – I made a pie.
IMG_6108 IMG_6110Neighbour’s who make blueberry jam are good neighbours to have!
IMG_6122David decided to have a lemonade stand. He sold 25 glasses at $0.25/each and came home with $16 dollars. Apparently tips are good in the lemonade business.
IMG_6120We went to Pete’s Dragon. I teared up many times behind my 3D glasses.
IMG_6123I made beets and now salads are way better these days.
IMG_6121David, Henry and I took Mike and Amanda to Duncan’s Cove. It’s crazy-beautiful and very close to the city!
IMG_6124 IMG_6125 IMG_6126When you have to do a little work on weekends… this is how you do it.
IMG_6127I tried to play hooky twice – ended up working both days but still squeezed in a lot of fun. David and I had all-day breakfast at Baba Ghanouj Cafe and candy from the Freak Lunchbox. (psst. my eggs are on top of eggplant and that’s pickled turnip on the side!)
IMG_6132 IMG_6133Then the next day we biked to the ferry – and rode the boat over to Dartmouth for a date with Sarah and Libby at the Canadian Sprint Canoe/Kayak Championships.
IMG_6136 IMG_6137 IMG_6138IMG_6139Libby and David ran away with our phones and I found these pics later that day.
IMG_6148 IMG_6151 IMG_6164August is over and work is busy! Halfway through marathon training and trying to check a few more things off my 100 Days of Summer list!
IMG_6179If you love poached eggs as much as David and I do, learning new tricks to make them even better brings such joy (boil the egg for a minute then crack into a bowl then slide into the boiling water!)
IMG_6180I had a BAD long run so I needed this one to be good. I found 25 km of Heaven in Pugwash and ran happy the whole way. Phew.
IMG_6182 IMG_6183A field of sunflowers!
IMG_6190And the most camera-happy cows!
IMG_6197 IMG_6210Sometimes when you create a route online with, what looks like a road may not actually be a road (this was the better end of the 4-km trail)
IMG_6191My mom, G’love her, puts up with all my crazy running and follows behind on a bike regardless of the conditions.
IMG_6200I was born right here:
IMG_6198Pugwash has one of the best Saturday Farmer’s Markets.
IMG_6204 IMG_6209Edie looking very adorable in David’s old Oeuf chair
IMG_6216When camping got cancelled in August, I was determined to still sleep in a tent and eat camp-stove Kraft Dinner so we did it in my parent’s yard.
IMG_6217 IMG_6218So, I totally jumped on the cider train this summer. My current favourite:
Maureen (my aunt) and Mark’s garlic! If you want some, it’s for sale – let me know!
IMG_6221On our drive back to the city we stopped at a sheep farm but one of us had to wait by the car… I was happy to hang out with him.
IMG_6223That’s a wrap. I hope you’re enjoying the last bit of summer. It’s not over… just a wee bit cooler at nights.

I may try this again… let me know what you think.

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