bare feet, bare legs

Bare feet, bare legs. Quite possibly my favourite combination.

April is just around the corner and although Spring does not come early in these parts, a girl can still hope. After all, it’s been an easy-peasy-winter – a pathetic lack of snow means if we can’t enjoy the best part of winter, lets skip damp and cold April showers and move on to sun and sandals.

I am always on the hunt for the perfect denim mini skirt and I just snagged one from Urban Outfitters (G) for 40% off however, I really love the mini pencil from 7 For All Mankind. My go-to flip flops are the Havaianas (not usually as bold as the cactus print) but this year I am eying a pair of Birks … anyone care to chime in? Let me know what’s on your summer wish list! Here are some more great some items:


A. Striped Bermuda Shorts (Zara) / B. Hidalgo Embroidered Blouse (Roolee) / C. Mini Pencil Skirt (7 For All Mankind) / D. Short Cotton Shorts (H&M) / E. Slim Cool Cactus Thongs (Havaianas) / F. Ecuador Huarache Sandal (Nisolo) / G. BDG Denim Button-Front Skirt (Urban Outfitters)* / H. Board Shorts (Boden) / I.  Striped Cotton Jumpsuit (Mango) / J. Linen Beach Pant (J.Crew) / K. Anais Thong Slide Sandal (Madewell) / L. Arizona Soft (Birkenstock) / M. Linen-Cotton Fit & Flare Stripe Dress (Gap) / N. Chambray Chino Roll-Up Short (Banana Republic) / O. Silk Pleated Dress in Hibiscus (J.Crew) / P. Sam Edelman Gigi Sandals (Anthropologie)

One thought on “bare feet, bare legs

  1. True, bare legs, I also noticed are almost always associated with bare feet paired with sandals (including close toe slingbacks) or very light shoes. I think it’s in part for consistency and in part because when it’s warm enough for bare legs, socks are usually also not needed just for feet and it applies to men as well :).


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