sweet sixteen

Did you make any resolutions? I’ve been hearing a lot of “I stopped making resolutions because it just leads to disappointment and failure” … isn’t that the point? To improve. Be mindful. I think resolutions are good for you. Yes I signed up for a gym membership and yes I will be very disappointed in myself if I don’t go but I’d rather set big expectations and goals than predict failure from day one. So call them resolutions or intentions … or better yet, things I plan to work on this year – from little to big goals – from daily tasks to year-long adventures … here are mine:

Another Year, Another List : two thousand and sixteen new year intentions

  1. Try something new and out of my comfort zone. Last year it was kickboxing. I really want to try rock climing or sailing.
  2. Start family chat (text) lines. With nieces and nephews in England and New York, it’s easy to loose track of what everyone is up to. What’s Joel’s favourite subject? What team does Evan play for? Does Celeste still like Chocolate? Is Margaret excited for big-kids school? What’s Sam’s favourite Paw Patrol dog? I want to become the aunt who knows where they are, who they’re with and what they’re doing. I may not be in my family’s faces physically but virtually I am right here.
  3. Write it down. I’m pretty good at this but not great. I need to rely on my day planner more and when I want to reach goals – make note of them so I don’t forget. Also, create a digital communication calendar for Mike and I… we tend to have no clue what we’re up to.
  4. Host a social gathering once a month. Last year we had a few great Friday Night Pizza Nights and a Taco Party and then we ended 2015 with a brunch. I love having people over. I am going to try and host 12 parties this year.
  5. Salad over fries and drink more water (this is Mike’s resolution which I am joining in on) but I’ll add to this with no potato chips and no pop which is not too hard for me. I only eat chips if they’re in front of me and I dislike pop.
  6. Learn and love to use my real camera more. Invest in equipment that will make me feel more like a pro.
  7. Buy an alarm clock and stop playing on my phone before I fall asleep or as soon as I wake up.
  8. Network. I am truly the worst self-employed person ever.
  9. The basement. Deal with it. Clean it out. Finish it. Spoiler: Mike is building a laundry room to hopefully help with this problem space.
  10. Visit a new place. TRAVEL!
  11. Ask David. Ask Mike. I am a good planner. So good that I tend to plan things because no one else does, then just tell them and get annoyed that I am always the one making plans. Mike says this is why he never makes plans. I am going to start making them make plans.
  12. Send more mail. Thank you notes, postcards, letters and a few packages tied up with string… filled with my favourite things.
  13. Donate 16 bags of stuff (i.e. purge). Organize spaces and places. I was staying at a friend’s and she has a container specifically for bandaids. It was so smart. We have one closet in our house and it’s a mess. I need to be better at this.
  14. Go to the movies. I love going to the movies but don’t go enough.
  15. Swim. Wallpaper. What’s a Meghan list without adding these two consistent fails?
  16. Pick-up from 2015: Have a plan… make plans. Stay on top of things, stay on top of seeing friends. Go places. Always have a training plan. If they don’t call you. Call them. If they don’t make plans, make them yourself!

Your turn, please let me know what your goals for the year are.

* * *

As for last year, how did I do? Well I know one thing I did not do was ‘eliminate and add something each month’, which is why #3 on this year’s list is write it down. 

Here is a look back at my 10-UP Resolution List for 2015 :

  1. Exercise: Train for another half or full marathon?? Try new classes?? It was a great year of trying to stay healthy and happy – some great team events (Cabot Trail, Rum Runners) another Bluenose half and the Chicago Marathon. I think I’ll aim for a few more races in 2016 but besides running, I am loving all of the nights at Cyclone with the girls!
  2. Join a group: Right now I am thinking of joining Centre for Women in BusinessAnyone want to join with me? I did not join a group but I joined a second committee (Bare All For The Barre). Maybe 2016 will be the year I join a group. 
  3. Cook more / experiment more. We are in a food rut so I got this book for Mike. I am also going to get back into writing out a meal planning calendar. It works for us when we actually stick to it. I’d say yesish to this one. I am trying new things in the kitchen (like cinnamon rolls) but we still don’t write things down or experiment enough. I can say however some of my new favourite recipes were discovered last year! 
  4. Pizza nights will start! Details to come. We did do this and had a great time. I totally recommend hosting parties with a loose-ended theme.
  5. Keep up with the blogging. Or quit blogging. Figure out if this is all worth it. I’m still here so obviously I did not quit. I have had a fun year of writing and am loving a lot of the positive feedback and comments lately. Always looking for ideas to write about.
  6. Travel. Family fun in the sun. Maybe a ski trip? Florida, Sunday River Maine, Chicago. We like the USA.
  7. Swim. Haha I say this but am already doubtful. Nope. Not in a pool.
  8. Cut back on online shopping / impulsive spending. Paypal is not always a pal. I can thank the sad state of the Canadian dollar for my success. This Christmas was the first time my sister has returned from the States without a collection of online purchases made by me. 
  9. Read more decent stuff, less facebooking and way less iPhoning. I have really enjoyed my Friday Meanwhile Elsewhere posts – it has forced me to read more articles and stories and I spend very little time on Facebook these days.
  10. Have a plan… make plans. Stay on top of things, stay on top of seeing friends. Go places. Always have a training plan. If they don’t call you. Call them. If they don’t make plans, make them yourself! I am proud of this one – I am by no means a social butterfly but I made a big effort in 2015 to do stuff with friends. When we renovated our house a few years ago I made a point to have a space that was good for entertaining so I’ve been trying to make good on my word.

* * *

Number six on my list for 2016 is learn and love to use my real camera more … I have already started working on this project with Shannon and am excited to share more pictures and plans with you in the year ahead. Speaking of the year, here is my 2016 Calendar. Hot off the press and cutting board. I still have a few to deliver.

DSC_0595 DSC_0598 DSC_0603 DSC_0609 DSC_0611 DSC_0612 DSC_0616

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3 thoughts on “sweet sixteen

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  2. I did #6 and #7 in 2015, but they weren’t resolutions. Nevertheless, investing in an alarm clock was probably the best thing I did in 2015. Made a huge different as getting up in the morning is like mission impossible for me. I also removed all social media, but not wordpress. There are other ways to keep in contact with people rather through facebook. Email is one of them…

    Good luck!


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