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Hello Sunshines, 2015 is wrapping up so I thought it’d be fun to share the top ten posts from the year. Spoiler: I am not the only nosey neighbour… If you missed any of these and were feeling left out from water-cooler conversations, enjoy the catch-up. After all, as we all know, holidays are for binging.

10. Just Because It’s Christmas : The time I made a East Coast Christmas CD.IMG_4044

9. Pottery, Willow and Leather : Our ninth anniversary.Details_MG_5253

8. Thirty Six : My 36 thing to do before I turned 36 list.IMG_2060

7. 10 Under 10 Stocking Stuffers : Conclusion, my readers are cheap. Ha.IMG_3998

6. Team Work : The Cabot Trail Relay.QE2Quest_2015

5. Save the Holiday Letter : My attempt at bringing back the holiday letter. It has been sent and well received but I am still waiting for one in return.Newsletter_1

4. Want To Go For a Walk? : The eco-challenge, winter edition, Good news for those who are interested and wishing they joined us… it’s happening again!DSC00093

3. Mission: Halloween : I made an astronaut costume for halloween and David was not totally impressed.4

2. A Whole New World : David’s bedroom update with new red bunkbeds made by Mike and a big ol’ map of the world.DSC_0250And the most read post!!!

1. Neighbourhood Stalk : My walking and driving tour of some of my favourite houses in Halifax.IMG_3205Thanks all!

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