it’s that time of year


It is my moment to shine. The season of LISTS.

I’m a list girl and I can not be more excited to write my 2016 must-do / must-try / must-not-do lists and as I’ve been thinking about what’s ahead for 2016, I found this: 26 Things Every Person Should Do For Themselves At Least Once A Year

Here are the ones I love and plan to incorporate into my 2016 resolution list – and too keep with the list theme, I am sharing my top 5!

  1. Listen to CDs you forgot about, songs from 2007 or your junior high dance. A few months ago I pulled out my Sloan and Inbred CDs. No lie, I belted out the lyrics and reminisced about all of the fun times at Cafe Ole for hours. If these bands were not a part of your life, I am sad for you.
  2. Send a long email or card or pay a phone call to someone you lost touch with but didn’t really want to. I love this idea and I truly cherish mail and special messages. Just the other day I received a lovely note in the Facebook from an old friend about hello sunshine – it totally made my day month.
  3. Buy yourself a good pair of shoes. A really good pair of shoes. I can not see why new shoes could ever be a bad idea. And for me, I am not talking about running shoes!
  4. Do something surprising and unbelievably kind for someone who will not expect it (send flowers to a random friend, Paypal someone $100 for a massage, buy someone you love a really nice, special dinner). I have to stop taking my friends and family for granted, which is why I am all about my 2016 motto: make plans, not excuses.
  5. Make a pilgrimage. Go on a trip where the travel portion is just as crucial as the event or destination. It can be a long drive, car ride, train, flight, cross country road trip – whatever. I love the idea of exploring and I love a good road trip. I think I will pack my Sloan and Inbred CDs for the ride.

I encourage you to read the full list – there are great explanations for each item that will truly make you want to plan the year ahead.

As always, I’d love to hear from you! What are your wishes for 2016. Two Thousand and Sixteen is an even number and a leap year! I sent out my holiday newsletter and hope to receive one in return. Remember, the first newsletter back* gets a 2016 desktop calendar made by me. They’re already printed!

My 2015 you say you want a resolution list
My current feeling it, falling for it (fall list) Ahhh, I only have 13 days left!
Other listy links: The 52 Lists Project and The List App

*Shannon, Heather, Anna, Kristin, Sabrina, Jill, Aimee, Jodie or Amanda, there is already a calendar with your name on it. #B4B
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