save the holiday letter

If video killed the radio star than Facebook killed the annual family holiday letter.

I take card writing very serious – I mail +60 and keep track of who sends cards back. The following November, I pull out my list of “sent” vs. “received” and make sure everyone is accounted for. A lot can happen in a year (babies/new addresses/deaths/marriages/new pets/divorce) and I try and stay on top of my spreadsheet and fact-check thoroughly.

As I wait for our 2015 cards to get printed, I got to thinking about making them more personal. Don’t get me wrong, I love anything that comes in the mail from friends and family but I especially love the ones that are homemade with an extra personal touch like a note, school photos, or a holiday letter!!! Kids of the newer generations may not know what I’m talking about… A holiday (news)letter is a recap of a family’s year – like a really long Facebook status. The good ones are on festive letterhead or a Pinterest-approved template and include pictures and fun facts! I love them but only receive one (maybe two) a year. So with this being said,  I am attempting to start a new trend in my circle of friends – I propose 2015 is the year to bring back the holiday letter. Who’s on board?*

Spoiler alert: I’ll show you mine (it’s double-sided)Newsletter_1*As an incentive, I will mail a desktop calendar (made by me) to the first person who sends me a holiday letter this year.

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