Mission: Halloween

David came home last Tuesday telling me there’s a Halloween dance on Thursday and he needed a costume… 9 days before Halloween and only 48 hours to make something, no problem! This is how it went down:

And here’s the thing, for some reason, I have it set in my mind that I needed to make it. After his breaking news that afternoon, I dragged David to Micheals, Old Navy and Home Depot and I was at home by 8:00 pm, guzzling down 4L of pop (I hate pop) so I could make an astronaut costume.

Pretty simple stuff:2

I’m not New York Fashion-week worthy but still, not bad for a gal who doesn’t sew.

1And, by the time Halloween night arrives he will of worn his costume to a school dance, school, soccer practice, Beavers and a Halloween party! My gawd, his costume is getting more wear than my wedding dress (and costs almost as much). So far David wore it to the dance and his only feedback was: “It’s not scary enough, I wish I was a zombie.”3 4 5

2014 and before.

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