meanwhile, elsewhere

Friday’s online finds: Inspirational, educational or just silly. Here is what I found this week…

meanwhile_2 meanwhile_6 meanwhile_4 meanwhile_1 meanwhile_7 meanwhile_5 meanwhile_3 meanwhile_8 meanwhile_9

I just finished my last longlong run (34km) and am ready to have fun! Poster-making, pizza-eating, boys-barring and some late summer sun! Ya’ll have a great weekend!

Tomorrow evening is Bare All For The Barre. It is not too late to sign up and be involved in an amazing event. It will be fun … I promise. Read all about it and SIGN UP. Because… next week, when I write about how awesome it was, you don’t want to regret missing out.


And a big happy birthday shout out to Celeste! With love from across the ocean, xo auntie meghan


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