the mondayest tuesday ever

Tuesday after Labour Day be like…


That is the first photo I saw on Instagram when I woke up this morning. To brighten the blues, I found this (or that) online and thought it would be fun to play along. The first 18 questions are directly from them but added two more because that’s how I roll.

Let me know if you agree or disagree:

  1. Chocolate or Vanilla?
    Chocolate. But vanilla beats white chocolate. Make sense?
  2. Innie or Outtie?
    Neither, belly buttons are gross.
  3. Hot, Hot Summer or Snowy Winter?
    Hot summer then late spring then early fall then early winter but never late winter or November.
  4. Save or Spend?
    Spend impulsively but very capable of squirrelling away money for travel.
  5. Elliptical or Treadmill?
    I prefer being outside but I recently inherited a tdreadmill and plan to use it this winter when the going gets tough and icy.
  6. Banana or Apple?
    Banana beats apple unless in a pie.
  7. Morning or Night?
    Morning! I love being the first up and I rarely lounge around. By 3:00 pm, I am toast.
  8. Love or Money?
    Love. But I love money too.
  9. Lip Balm or Lipstick?
    I rarely wear either but a tinted lip balm would take the win.
  10. Butt or Boobs?
    Tough. I hate my big butt but I am grateful for my small boobs so I will say small boobs.
  11. Alone or with others?
    Alone… probably because I have become very familiar with solitude from working at home, alone for +7 years. I like small crowds, minimal chaos and dogs… but not the yappy ones.
  12. Coffee or Tea?
  13. Straight or Curly?
    Straight fries and straight hair but the occasional beachy-wave is awesome.
  14. Three Squares or Graze All Day?
    Three meals… especially breakfast.
  15. Right-handed or left-handed?
  16. Beach or Mountains?
    Beach – fresh or salty.
  17. Mac or PC?
    MAC. Who would say PC?
  18. Shy or Outgoing?
    I am shy but I would like to be outgoing… however (see #11) I don’t like crowds so why do I need to be outgoing?
    * * *
  19. Manual or Automatic?
  20. Dinner or Dessert? Dinner… At a funeral I will always hover around the egg sandwiches – never the dessert tray. Always.

Your turn!


Photo taken with my iPhone – Duncan’s Cove, Nova Scotia.

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