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I was recently approached by a bride-to-be to create a custom thumbprint guest poster, which is a creative and memorable piece of artwork you can hang in your nest when the wedding is over. Like this:


Each guest stamps their fingerprint on the poster and writes their name. Even though I didn’t work on Erin and Douglas’ other wedding designs (or even met them), I got the colours from the invite she sent and built the illustration from her suggestions and a few stock illustrations.


Hopefully it looks something like this – a bunch of balloons carrying away the two lovebirds to happily ever after:


* * *

What about you? What kind of guest book did you have?

Mike and I had comment cards .I still have and they’re awesome.

Most are so sweet and lovely “Congratulation! Couldn’t be happier for you both. Glad to share in your big day! Best wishes. PS. Thanks for the free booze” – Melissa

Some are funny: “I am writing this at the end of the evening. Kevin, Mat & Clyde are signing ‘Mustang Sally’ on karoke. Needless to say, this message will not be meaningful…” – Erin

and some (I think/hope) were forged, pretending to be my dad, like: “I wish I had a boat” – Mike Rushton

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