my virtual yard sale


Lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of virtual yard sales on Instagram and decided I’d give it a try. In the midst of decluttering, I am finding a lot of things I no longer need or wear so why not try and sell them? Last year our street had an old-school-flyers-on-the-telephone-poles-yard-sale, which was great, but it is hard to rely on a sunny Saturday to make things happen. It is a lot of work and time and as Eminem says, you only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow.

But I digress…

From my limited research on digital yard sales, I have discovered you can set it up two ways. The first being the one I choose (mostly because it seems easier).

1. You set a price and if someone wants it at that price (or a negotiated price) it is there’s. They leave their email address and you invoice them. They can pay you by Paypal or email transfer. Pros: Like I said, it is pretty straight forward. If they don’t pay you within the chosen time (ex. 48 hrs), the item stays up for sale. Cons: You will only make as much as you suggest – it’s doubtful they’ll offer to pay more.

2. You set a minimum bidding price and if someone wants it, they’ll post their email and bid in the comment window. When the auction closes (ex. 30 days after it was posted), the highest bid wins. If they don’t pay you within the chosen time (ex. 48 hrs), the item goes to the next highest bid. Pros: You may make more than you expected. Cons: It seems like more management and staying on top of all of your item’s action.

The first thing I did was set-up a separate (but similar) Instagram post for my yard sale: Meghan’s_Yard_Sale. By doing so, I am not mixing business with pleasure and all of my items are kept together, even if I post them months a part.

Next, I established some rules. This is a legit business folks. I made my first image an introduction post.

Screen Shot 2015-07-03 at 3.03.37 PM

Yay! Thanks for visiting my virtual yard sale. If you are interested in an item, please leave your email address in the item’s comment window. An invoice will be sent and you’ll have 48hrs to pay or it will go back on sale. If you are local, free pick-up (or possibly delivery) (Halifax, Nova Scotia and area) and if an item requires shipping, an additional cost will be mentioned on the post. Happy shopping! xomeg

Third, I gathered a decent bunch of items (It’s wise to launch a sale with more than a few items). I started with my clothes but plan to add furniture, kids stuff, kitchen gadgets, etc. etc. etc… I then photographed everything and posted each item online with a brief description:


BANANA REPUBLIC women’s dress. cream and brown. hangs mid calf. size 0 (but fits larger). asking $10 +$10 shipping. #yardsale


URBAN OUTFITTERS BDG cigarette high rise 26×34 charcoal stretchy jeans. great for a long legged skinny girl. asking $10 plus $10 shipping. #yardsale

This takes a long time but once they’re posted, I can edit and add more information later.

Finally, #hashtag and tweet. Find followers, make friends and sell your stuff.

I’ll let you know how everything goes. Happy shopping!

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