team work

The Cabot Trail Relay is done and it was so much fun. It’s a rare but lovely treat to be on a team and the atmosphere all weekend is incredible – crazy costumes, amazing (fast) runners, beautiful scenery, and the best race organizers/volunteers out there who stay up (and dance) all through the night.

Our team was back for the second year in a row – a little wiser and much more prepared for the 24+ hour/185 mile race around the Cabot Trail in Cape Breton. Although we have yet to hone in on our team uniform, we came with playlist, signs and big silver balloons. Looking good team 42, looking good. QE2Quest_2015Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 7.34.37 AMIMG_2461Last year I ran leg 2 which was great because my run was over and done with early in the day however, this year I wanted to try a night leg and run up in the Cape Breton Highlands National ParkIMG_5159 IMG_5163 IMG_5165IMG_2589 IMG_2578By the time my turn arrived (11:10 pm), it was pouring rain, 3 degrees and windy. Despite the weather, I was on a high from watching Beth and Kristin finish their mountain climbs and bounced off the “start line” with so much excitement. Although the rain and wind were nuts, I pushed through the 14 km run. It was so dark but I loved every moment.


At one point I ran past my mom (who was out on the side of the highway cheering me along) and she yelled “you’ll certainly remember this run”. Honestly, how often do you get to strap on a headlight on and set out in the night running up and down a mountain next to the Atlantic ocean?

Guys, if you ever get a chance to participate, do so! You may see snow (in May), you may see a moose or a bear, you may freeze and you may wonder why the hell you are out running in the middle of the night… but it will be a run like no other. IMG_2539 IMG_2596IMG_5070 IMG_5091IMG_2598 IMG_5103 IMG_5134IMG_5186IMG_5174 IMG_5195

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