the “s” word

It is Easter Monday and there is still so much snow. Am I allowed to complain?

I am going to pitch remarketing the holidays – A Green Christmas and a White Easter, which actually makes sense, since Christmas trees are green and bunnies are white… just saying.

So, Saturday was the thrid-time-a-go Storm The Mountain Winter Eco-Challenge (I talked about it here and here). Because there’s been too much snow it was postponed twice and because of that, not all of our team could attend.* However, Mike and I convinced our friend Josh to join us making the defunct Magical Mystical Mountain Destroyers the Magical Mountain JokersIMG_2249

You’d think by April it’d become a Spring event but no, there was snow, lots of it, and we snowshoed our way to second place glory despite our lack of orienteering skills.** We figured out the compass and didn’t get lost! It was pouring rain and cold but still fun.

When we stumbled out of the woods, I was freezing, my boots were sloshing, my underwear was wet and I caught a bug – puking is recovery – but I’d do it again.

Sadly the annual Spring Eco-Challenge is not happening this year… wait for it … because there is too much snow!!!

Seriously, SNOW is the new “S” word.

* MacKenzie won U11 provincials in curling! Go girl!
** Second place in recreational… and there may of only been two recreational teams but who’s counting?!?

If you want to learn more about these crazy events, read this – learn how to use a compass and I’ll see you at the next starting line.

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