starting with navy

It’s Wedding Wednesday and I am excited to jump into a series within my weekly wedding series. I’m going to work through the print and planning process for a wedding. It’s a bit of non-fiction mixed with fiction in the fact that there really is a wedding, I really get to work on it but what you’ll see here is not necessarily what I end up doing for them. You’ll get a bit of what I love mixed with their requests and hopefully everything will come together beautifully.

Lets begin by setting the stage. The August wedding is in Eastern Canada, outdoors at a beautiful home with the Atlantic ocean with a private beach steps away. The couple sails and are drawn to navy and gold.

Have I mentioned how much I love NAVY?!

I made a visual inspiration board to develop the colour palette and mood for the day: navy wedding

A sunny bedroom in a Florida home / a beautiful bouquet with stripe ribbon / a fancy Peach MargaritaNautical wedding / a couple and their sail boat / Max Wanger’s Big Sur print

Because the wedding will be by the ocean and the couple likes to sail, a nautical theme seems like an obvious choice. However, nautical can be tacky and we don’t want to go there so editing will be crucial! The bride mentioned gold, which is great but I suggested using it more in the decor rather than on the printed items because printing gold can be tricky and expensive. I’ll share ideas of navy patterns and gold decor next week.

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