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Hello friends,

We’re friends right? And friends help friends so I am asking for some help. Hello Sunshine has been around for a few years and I am so grateful for all of the reads, shares and comments; it truly means a lot. However, I have been wondering, what do I want from this and more importantly, what do my readers want from this? If you look at stats, which I rarely do, the most read post ever was this one (a big thank you to Aimee, Caylum and everyone else for sharing it!).

Does that mean I should write about more wedding stuff? Wedding ideas, trends, things I’ve seen, things I’ve done, Wedding planning (which I’d like to do more of)? Give me a gig, and I am happy to write about it!

But my next most read post was this one. Perhaps everyone loves a great debate. Should I write more about design? Or more about local stuff? Or more local designy stuff?

The third most read was this one. Which probably means I should talk about Oprah more… Or things I want.

Rounding up the top 10, there’s a post about hosting Aimee’s wedding shower, the sneak peak of Halifax’s new library, old photos, the up and away halloween costume, my lonely boy post, the DIY fakeo fauxdenza post, and boobielicious.

Topic-wise, it is all over the place, which means both me and you are all over the place too. I do think it sums up my ‘career’… I mean really, what is my job?

I have a few upcoming posts in mind and will be welcoming guest posts too. I was also thinking trying to go a bit more local. Places to eat, things to do, etc.

Embarrassing disclosure: I have not visited the Art Gallery in twenty years! I am such a bad BFA girl. 

So while I think about the future, the friendly favour I am asking from you is to answer this quick poll I created below. Maybe I can get a better feel for what I should be talking about. As always, feel free to offer some ideas in the comment section. Love you all!

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5 thoughts on “just curious

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  2. Hi Meghan,

    This note is instead of completing the check-box poll concerning your blog. Since I subscribed, I have read every post with the exception of recent “Meanwhile, Elsewhere” editions. I just don’t get them – probably because at my life stage I’m more concerned with decluttering than acquiring stuff.

    I enjoy reading any posts in which ‘you’ show up. Images and descriptions of you, your family, your home, your activities, your trips – all are engaging and help show different aspects of your life. Similarly, I appreciate posts that deal with various topics that interest you professionally. It’s especially like to see examples of your design work.

    Like you, I have experimented with blogs. A few years ago, I wrote for a site hosted by a colleague. It was a worthwhile experience for me, in part because I enjoyed the writing process and the challenge of expressing ideas that were important and relevant to me. Sustaining a personal blog takes a huge commitment in the form of time and creative energy. I applaud what you have accomplished already and your current initiative to take stock – and reach out to your readers.

    Thank you for sharing yourself! I look forward to whatever you may offer in the future.



    • Thank you for your kind words. It’s funny… I get the most weekly hits from the Friday post and I am not sure why? It’s a fun easy way to end the week but I do enjoy writing the others more. Speaking of which, some posts are way more challenging than others!


  3. I almost wish I could have rated these because I really love all your topics..

    I accidentally hit send on the other to quickly – I said event planning, but I meant more general things like baby showers, other party ideas, modern etiquette, hostess gift ideas, etc haha

    thanks for continuing on with this blog, I can’t tell you how much I enjoy it!


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