water log

What could be more exciting than a Monday? How about a post about water on a Monday.

Here’s the thing… We all know you should drink lots of water and some people do but not me. Sure, after a run I will drink a glass but then things go downhill at about 7:00 am. It’s not that I am drinking a ton of juice or pop (because I am not) nor am I drinking coffee all day (because by 9:00 am I am done with that)… it is simply that I just don’t drink much at all.

Last year things changed… I developed a mild addiction to sparkling water. Honestly, it started when I saw images like this:


Nice kitchen… I should put some S.Pellegrino on my counter… you know, for guests.

But I drank it all and kept buying more.

I briefly toyed with the idea of getting a SodaStream but figured it’d only enhance the addiction so I held off. Plus, I heard the carbonation is not great for your teeth long term. (fact check?)

I then invested in a fancy water bottle hoping the cost alone would guilt me into drinking more water (which it did!).DSC_0608

Our relationship lasted 1 week… then we literally broke up. I didn’t tighten the lid and it flew out of my hand. I was devastated for about 3 hours until I discovered you can order the glass bottle replacement online for $10. This was great but then I got a text from my sister:



Yup… we are suckers for online shopping.

I love my new ceramic water jug. I doesn’t keep the water cold but it still seems fresh. I also love that it reminds me of Family Ties. Remember their kitchen?


I tried to recreate this in my own kitchen but Mike vetoed that. He hates my ceramic water jug and has forced me to keep it in the office. IMG_1697On a happy note, I see it all day, which in the end has forced me to drink more water. I mean really, I don’t even need to stand up for a refill.

In the end, it is a win-win all around.

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6 thoughts on “water log

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    • So good news… i did a very minor fact check and apparently the sugars (italian water, pop or whatever else people add to their SodaStream) is what is bad, not just sparkling water. I am going to investigate further when I take David to the dentist this week.


  3. Oooh, Ive been thinking about that same fancy waterbottle. Is it a waste of time if I’m prone to dropping things? My iPhone screen has been replaced 3 times. Thought it might be durable though, looks like it’s wrapped in silicone?


    • The design flaw is the handle is the cap so if it is not on tight, it could fall. mine happened to fall from 4 stairs up and land on a stone pathway. the silicone did not save it…

      however, it is pretty and the water tastes much better than drinking from a plastic waterbottle.


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