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David starts school tomorrow and although I’d like to proclaim that my child will only have homemade and healthy recess snacks packed in his bag, it is not gonna happen. Sure, I will do my best but I have discovered it it alway good to have a back-up plan.

Enter NatureBox – newish to Canada. An online membership that sends a monthly box to your house with five different snacks to munch on. I decided to give it a try… being that it is less than $25.00/month (including shipping) and I got a $10-off coupon.


So far, I like what I’ve tried. They’re yummy and an easy grab when I run out the door. I really enjoy the taste and the size of the whole wheat lemon figgy bars and the mango almond bits are good too. The price seems pretty reasonable however, the downside is my child did not like either of the two snacks we’ve opened… Am I surprised? Not really. He has a very limited diet (and not one to be proud of). He eats his required carrot-stick quota each day but never picks salad over fries and thinks fruit leather is fruit. I am not going to give up… he will try the remaining three snack packs but it may not be good enough to renew my membership.

On a positive note, David’s after-school program delivers hot (healthy) lunches to school every day so as least he’s getting something good from someone… if it can’t always be from me.

How about you? Any healthy yummy easy recess ideas?DSC_0399 DSC_0401 DSC_0402 DSC_0404

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4 thoughts on “snack mail

  1. Just finished making carrot mini-muffins. Liam’s request for school lunches. Recipe made about 60 of them so I can keep in the freezer and throw one in his lunchx box in the morning. They’re so small they’ll be thawed in no time


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