i spy…

… a good idea.

The fun part about being a wedding photographer’s assistant is you are a fly on the wall most of the day. Not saying much but observing everything. And as a fan of all things weddings, it is handy! So, when I spot a good idea, a nice touch, or something magical, you know I am going to share.

On Saturday I was back in the Valley for the third weekend in a row (am I beginning to talk like a valley girl?). It was a beautiful day with a beautiful couple. They looked so young, which makes me feel like I may be getting old. Argh. Anyway, the one thing that really stood out from other weddings I’ve been to was that immediately following the ceremony, the guests filtered into a large room. On their way to, they passed by the Bride and Groom making it the most efficient receiving line ever! Once everyone had their afternoon beverage (iced tea/lemonade), the Bride and Groom entered and had their first dance right away.

Reasons why I love this.

  • Over and done with (especially if you are a shy couple)
  • The photographer gets great natural light for the dance
  • The romance of the wedding ceremony is still strong
  • It gives the guests a little treat before the couple is whisked away for pictures
  • Then, while pictures are being done, the guest can casually make their way to the cocktail / reception at their own leisure.

Often, your first dance is after dinner and dessert. Guests have been sitting a long time, the tables may still need cleaning, the line up at the bar is long and people are loosing their attention. In all of the reception chaos, it is harder to pump up the romance when people are just waiting to pump up the jams. You still get to start the dance party off with a few special moments including the Father-of-the-Bride and the Mother-of-the-Groom dances so it is a win-win. I have also seen the first dance happen at the beginning of the reception (before dinner) and this too is a great idea but there was something extra special about combining it with the ceremony.

Brides-to-be: Consider this. I know I will suggest it. Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

Photo: Taken with my spyPhone (aka iPhone): Acadia University, Nova Scotia.

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