picture perfect

Earlier this week I mentioned that I’d show you how to make a simple photo booth backdrop.

You will need

  • 2 X Gold Foil Doorway Curtains (I got mine from Party City)
  • Oh Joy! for Target 12 piece Wall Decals
  • Tape
  • Clothespins (or something to hang the curtains from)
  • Tripod and camera
  • Silly props (optional)

For me, the easiest place to hang a photo booth backdrop was from the frame of a window. That way, I didn’t need to tape anything to the walls. However, because I used a window frame, I had to hang a large grey blanket behind the tinsel to hide any background outside. Our windows have great ledges so it was easy to hang both the blanket and foil curtains with clothespins.

I found (on clearance!) these wall decals and taped them to the foil for a bit more excitement.circlesDSC_1021And voila! An easy photo booth back drop. IMG_0657DSC_0002DSC_0011DSC_1031DSC_1052DSC_1055 Oh, and here is David testing out the props before the party.DSC_1024psst. If you like what you’re reading, please subscribe and share. xomeg

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