Give it 100

Whoa, just had a birthday and I just wrote my 100th blog post. Time to celebrate or time to think about new goals?

Have you heard about the site Give it 100? I saw this video and was inspired. Who wouldn’t be?

I have managed to recruit a few others to join in and come up with a personal challenge. It doesn’t have to be a physical feat (you can aim to knit a sweater, or learn a new language, or master the stick shift) … basically, you think of a goal and give yourself 100 days to achieve it. By signing up, you commit yourself to practicing every day with a 10 second video upload of your daily progress. It is validation of your progress and a visual documentation that you can look back on to see where you started and how far you’ve come. The great thing is it’s your choice to make your journal public or private.

So, with all of this being said, I am aiming to do 100 push ups and 100 crunches within an hour. Not sure if I can do this but I am going to try. The plan is to do 100 of each everyday and by day 100, I can do it all at once. Dream big baby! Right now, my upper body strength is weeeeak … I can do about 10 push-ups in a row and figure the crunches will be my working-recovery in between. It won’t be pretty, and I may not be able to get ‘air’ and ‘hand-claps’ like the girl in the video can but dammit, I am going to try.

Wish me luck or better yet, join the club.

One of my fellow Giveit100 friends is going to work on her handstand. Her plan is to do 15 minutes of handstand work and 15 minutes of forearm balance everyday, which will hopefully lead up to handstand that she can hold at day 100.

Let me know what you sign up for and good luck!

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