high fives make you faster

It is race weekend in Halifax with the 11th year of the Blue Nose Marathon. There will be a lot of runners and a lot of blue noses.

David and I are running in the Youth 4km event for the second year in a row and I am excited about that. I love seeing hundreds of kids taking over the streets and having fun. I have also registered for the half marathon and it will be my fourth time running the BN Half. I’m not gonna lie, this race is challenging for me for a few reasons: It’s not the flattest, nor the easiest course and I know this because I run these roads every day! The race goes by my street … twice! Some would say familiarity is a good thing but for me, I enjoy the unexpected which is why I love running in other cities more. The Blue Nose however, is a great event and I am sure it will be lovely weekend. And with promising weather, why not get out and run or cheer?

Speaking of cheering. My favourite distraction in a race are the signs people hold up and yes, I always keep score of the best posters during a race.

If you require sign-making inspiration, my all-time favourites I’ve seen are:

  1. HIGH FIVES MAKE YOU FASTER! (it is true)
  2. Sneakers – $100, Race registration – $75, Finishing your first marathon – priceless (saw this in Philly during my first marathon)
  3. This is the last hill, I promise (saw this in PEI during my first half, and he was not lying)
  4. Worst parade ever
  5. Whine now, wine later
  6. If races were easy, they’d be called your mom (oh no you didn’t! )
  7. Who needs nipples?
  8. I’m sure it seems like a great idea 4 months ago
  9. Blisters are braille for AWESOME
  10. Go Mommy Go (just because)

Have a great long weekend, and if you are running – GOOD LUCK and Giv’er!

IMG_1529 IMG_1532

Pictures from last year. It was damn cold.

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