ya’ll ready for this?

Finally, the party is over. So much build-up… turning five is a big deal.

Here is a photo recap of the event, which included a great bunch of awesome kids. If you missed the earlier post about making of a piñata and the invite, click here.

My new favourite thing – A massive number balloon! I can’t imagine moving forward in event planning without one of these involved.
photo 1

The palm tree was more for me than David as I used his party as an excuse to buy it. I figure it is a lot less expensive than moving to California.
DSC_0858 The kids took home a Clark the Shark book, sunnies and a balloon… plus their loot from the shark attack.photo 2Five Alive, pizza, fish-shaped gummies, Goldfish Crackers and chips were on the menu. photo 3The kids and some of the parents in the poolDSC_0860 Aislynn vs. the sharkDSC_0862 Liam vs. the sharkDSC_0865The mad dive for the candy
DSC_0872My sister made the shark cupcakes
DSC_0873 And with that, it’s a wrap. DSC_0876


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