13 thoughts on “the great logo debate

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  4. It will be unnecessary millions to make all the new business cards, glass etchings, vehicle signs, letter head, web page, road signs, video’s, etc… this province/city is incredibly over taxed so wasting all that money right now is stupid and irresponsible, but what else do you expect from the “entitled” running this city…


  5. I concur with James, add the crossbars on the “A”. With that, I still find the logo unattractive and a huge waste of tax paying dollars. News media said this cost $350,000, I would like to see the actual bill. Nova Scotia has become a dumping ground and is an embarrassment not to mention the roads requiring major repair … People are not angry over the actual logo, it’s the gross waste of money that is making people cringe!


  6. What you missed was the political reality that Halifax was destined to be the name in 1996 when amalgamation happened. 18 years of political inaction, and $217k to “rebrand” us to what we already are. The logo is inconsequential, but truly the only tangible thing people can vent their anger on.


  7. You may talk about it until you are ocean blue in the face. I simply do not like it at all. The missing crossbars in the “A”s make me cringe and, especially compared with many of the other city logos, seems bland and uninspired. What does that say about us. I say keep the old one, dropping the “Regional Municipality” underneath, and you have a logo that shows some imagination, not to mention saving a HUGE amount of taxpayers’ money in signage: they only have to cover or remove the two words at the bottom and it is done.


  8. I love the primary and secondary colours as well as the geometric shapes. Thumbs way up for those but, sadly, I detest the logo. I just can’t get past the bar-less ‘A’ and I really dislike the two-tone. The only good thing I can really say about it is that it’s sans serif. :/


  9. Yes Amanda,great suggestion. At first I thought the new logo was boring but I agree with you, the more I looked at it the more I liked it. And it is much better than a lot of the other city logos. What the heck Yellowknife?


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