duunnn dunnn… duuuunnnn duun… duuunnnnnnnn

(that was the Jaws theme music, obviously) … Anyway, this year we are going back to the pool and throwing a party at David’s school. It’s an affordable alternative to hosting in your house and a whole lot less stressful.

Last year’s theme was pirates, and the year before was a beach party, but now that David is five, it is serious shark business. Here’s the invite I made:

Davids 5-14

The great thing about a pool party is your are limited to 2 hours : 1 hour in the pool and one hour of fun. Because it is at the school, I will have less freedom and time to decorate but there will be a piñata! Liam (David’s friend) had a piñata and it was a bit HIT (get it?) and now David needs a piñata. (There is nothing more scary / entertaining / disturbing than watching a bunch of kids slaughter a piñata and dive for the candy). I looked online and found this piñata but held off because something seemed odd about having a piñata FedEx’d to the house. I also checked-out the Bulk Barn but no luck. A friend recommended some local ladies on Facebook who make customized piñatas, which is great, but it got me thinking… if they can, I can… so I got crafty.

I started with a box, cut the ends off and made fins. then I taped the box back together in a shark-like shape. I decided to paint him gunmetal grey prior to applying the tissue paper to hide all of his seams and imperfections.




The most tedious part was cutting the tissue paper. Rows and rows (~1″ thick and tasseled).


Next, I glued all of the tassels on the Shark. Because of the many curvatures, I decided to leave the fins exposed.



Next I added eyes and teeth – although I may remove the teeth – because he’s cuter without them.


And finally, what’s a piñata without candy?


I told Mike I might leave the room when the kids starting pounding away at Sharky. That, or I will take out all of the candy and call him a mascot. Whatever happens, I am sure it will be fun!

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