you take the good, you take the bad

We are super fortunate to be able to book a trip to England (2 weeks!) but in the grand scheme of things, it sucks that we have to travel so far to see our family. And, what sucks more is 5 out 5 of David’s cousins live out of the country. Actually, 5 out of 5 were not even born in Canada so we don’t get to see them nearly as much as we’d like.

The positive is we have a good excuse to travel and traveling is really important to us. David, not even five, has already been to Montreal twice, California, Spain, Washington DC, Florida and New England (Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and New York) four times … and almost all of these trips have been to see family.

Last year we took a non-family-visiting-adventure to Florida with friends and had a blast (and with the winter we’ve been having, it’d be really nice to go back) however we’ve decided to head to (the less than tropic) England. I am really excited! We haven’t spent quality time in England since pre-child and can’t wait to make the journey. Plus, bonus, we have even more family in England with my cousin and her husband in Oxford!

Traveling with a child offers a lot more challenges but it also forces you to try new adventures and obstacles you may not tackle when staying home. Each age seems to have its pros and cons but the one thing I’ve found is you can’t rely on your itinerary as much, and most of the time, I’d rather bring David along for the experience then leave him at home.

Would I prefer to have all of our family in one place? Damn straight! But, as it is now, I am happy to accept New York and England as destination we will continue to visit as much as possible. It could be worse.

So, stay tuned for some jolly ol’ British posts and an update to my life list as I plan to check-off two things!


California. 7 months


Montreal. 14 months


Spain. 18 months


Washington DC. Age 2 (minus 1 week)


New Hampshire. Age 3


Florida. Age 4 (minus 2 weeks)


New York State. Age 4

psst. We also have extended family in Newfoundland, Alberta, North West Territories, Yukon, Ontario, Ireland and Hong Kong so there will always be places to go and people to see.

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