run with me

Some people are compulsive online shoppers (okay, that’s me) but… another thing I am compulsive about are online race registrations! Spring is coming, which means race season is fast approaching. No more excuses to hit the pavement.

Last week I signed up for the Bluenose Half Marathon and it is ten weeks away! It will be my fourth time running the Bluenose half but my twelfth(ish) half marathon so I am not too worried about the distance.

Here is some of my favourite running gear:


A. Nathan Sports Speed 2 Hydration Belt / B. Nuun Active Hydration Strawberry Lemonade drink tabs / C. Lululemon Run: Speed Shorts / D. Nike Dri-Fit Women’s Cyclone Running Jacket / E. Champion Sports Bras (cheap from Target!) / F. Saucony Kinvara Sneakers / G. Ryder Sunglasses / H. Nike + Sport Watch GPS / I. Lululemon Run: Swifty Tech Long Sleeve / J. iPhone 5c / K. TuneBand for iPhone 5c

*   *   *

On a somewhat related subject, my iPhone died and I got it replaced through my Future Shop warranty*. Because they didn’t have my model in stock, I got upgraded to the 5c. Yes, a phone that works! Boo, I need to replace my cover.

What does this have to do with running? Well, I had a fantastic pink silicone skin with a spot to slide on an armband. I loved this skin and knew I’d replace it with my upgrade. When I went on the company’s website, I saw I could order just the skin for half the price! Sweet, my armband still works so I can save some money. As I proceeded to checkout, I saw my $14.99 quickly bumped up to $27 because of shipping… Argh, I curse Canadian online shopping… but I loved the product and decided to proceed.


However, the next day I received a lovely email from the company:

Hello Meghan,
Thank you for your order! I am contacting you to let you know that there is an option for you to consider that you may find acceptable and save quite a bit of shipping time. We recently began offering our iPhone 5C TuneBand packages on which reduced both the cost and delivery time for our Canadian customers. You have the option of ordering a complete iPhone 5C TuneBand package from for $29.99 (including shipping) and would receive it within just a few days.  Your order placed on our website totals around $27.00 for the individual silicone TuneBand skin and will typically take several weeks to deliver from the US. Please let me know if you would prefer to cancel this order and place one on for the complete package in order to reduce the delivery time and increase the overall value for your money.  For around $2.00 more you would receive the screen protector packs and straps as well as receiving it much more quickly.  Here is a link to the iPhone 5C TuneBand on Amazon.ca Just let me know, we’ll ship this as-is if you want to leave it in place. Thank you again for your business.
Sincerely, James A. Simpson, V.P. Sales and Marketing, Director of Customer Service, Grantwood Technology, LLC

*   *   *

As he suggested, I cancelled my order and ordered it through Amazon to but I replied to James letting him know their customer service matched the quality of their product!

So happy running – whether it is a full or half marathon, 10 km, 5 km or just chasing the kids – get out and enjoy yourself.

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Photo by me, taken with my Nikon D60

* Even though they replaced my phone, I will NOT sign up for one of their warranties EVER again, just sayin.

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