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One of my favourite items in my home is my Hudson’s Bay Company Multistripe Point Blanket given to me from my family.


In a new series titled Pin It, I rummage the internet for goodies that are worth pinning. And first up, the National Parks Blankets from Pendleton Woolen Mills. I am loving this collection however, I don’t think you can simply buy one… they’re more like something you earn. As in, you’ve hiked the park; you deserve a blanket! With this thought in mind, I can get the Yosemite and Grand Canyon Blankets but it’s the Badlands National Park Blanket I am loving the most so I guess I need to add South Dakota to my travel list. Check out the series:

PendletonPhoto of HBC Multistripe Point Blanket was taken with my Nikon and all National Park Blankets are from

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