game on!

Woohoo! The Olympics here and I have pulled out the gear. Game on.

I love the Olympics, and I will watch our athletes and cheer. After all, they’ve trained hard and deserve our support.

When February arrived, I was planning to do a valentines day window display… because that’s what I do… but then it dawned on me, Valentine’s is only one day but the Olympics are 17.


And… how cool is it that David’s friend had an Olympic themed birthday party! I did up a card for Liam and the boys painted these medals at the party. Great idea Sabrina!



So, If you are like me and love a good sport montage, the fist one is from the Winter Olympics in Vancouver… I believe you will enjoy! Plus, to get you motivated, even if it is cheering from the couch, here’s a little pep talk from the coach.

Go Canada Go!


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