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I’ve been in a bit of a coffee rut. My much loved Cuisinart died last year and its replacement is not adding up. At this point, I am strongly considering leaving the auto-drip world and here’s why:

  • Every day I make a 6-cup pot and drink about half of that.
  • Even though my commute to work is only 20 feet from the kitchen, I still get lazy and miss refilling my cup before it is too late. So much for Always fresh!
  • My coffee grinder is +10 years old and it is a blade grinder (gasp!)
  • I buy good coffee but it tastes bad.
  • Mike does not drink coffee so the 12-cup machine is a tad excessive, especially when counter real estate is crucial.
  • Like when cameras switched from film to digital, I was hesitant to get on board… this is how I relate to the single-serve coffee makers. Keurig… I’m looking at you!

So with all of this in mind… Do I continue with the drip or do I go with a French Press? Do I invest in a fancy espresso machine or do I jump on Chemex-train?

What to do, what to do? I started by googling my thoughts and concerns and happily landed on a great website: \ They have all the answers in Youtube format and I am officially addicted and can’t stop watching.

Here’s what I’ve figured out:


A. Ditch the stove-top and invest in a temperature controlled kettle with an easy-pour spout. Water temperature is important and I have no clue what my current machine pours out. Bonjour Bonavita, ~$94

B. Upgrade from a blade grinder to a burr grinder. A good grinder is a deal-maker and you should invest in a good coffee grinder before you invest in a pricy machine. The Capresso goes for ~$130 and the Baratza is ~$150

C. Both the Aeropress (~$35) and the Chemex (~$42 for a 6-cup) are affordable and have great reviews. If I am investing in a kettle and grinder this may be a good option but I am leaning towards the Chemex because I can bring it upstairs and refill my mug rather than making one cup at a time with the Aeropress. But, the Aeropress is great for travelling and especially camping… good to know.

D. If I didn’t live within a kilometre of three coffee shops, I’d look at one of these however, Mike doesn’t drink coffee + I hate cleaning kitchen appliances + they’re pricey = not today. The Breville (~$450) got comparable reviews to the Silvia (~$660)

E. The Bodums (here {~$35 for a 8-cup} and here {~$25}) are glass, which I like, but the Espro Press (~$100 for a 6 cup) got the good reviews

F. The Technivorms rate well for drip coffee brewers and, the glass (~$440) did better than the therrmos jug (~$330) on the hour-later taste-test.

So what does this all mean? I am not sure yet, maybe more Youtube videos? I am going to move forward with the kettle and grinder upgrade. Both my current kettle and the grinder are very old so I do not feel guilty about donating them.

As much as I love the look of the Technivorms, I am not interested in spending that much money on another drip machine. And as much as I love the thought of making espressos at home, I am not ready to invest in one of these, nor do I want to cheap out.

I own a single cup Bodum, and like it, but I find the coffee strong and hated cleaning it. I like the fact that the Espro Press claims to be “grit free press coffee” plus it is Gail’s favourite!

I guess it comes down to the Chemex vs. the Espro Press … and with all of this coffee talk, it makes me want a cup, so off I go. Maybe my coffee buddy Nancy, can help me make the final decision… after all, she’s a certified pro! xomeg

3 thoughts on “coffee talk

  1. Thanks for the insight – good to know about that machine. I agree fully with the bodum comments – and even read that the others don’t give you the same taste (acid). you should check out Gails videos! Lots of great reviews.


  2. oh and forgot to mention – but with my expresso machine – the only cleaning I do, is to knock out the old coffee and fill it with new stuff. no arduous cleaning. you know how much I love cleaning out coffee pots rights? 😉


  3. I’de like to way in on this if I may, as I have a similar situation. AK doesn’t drink coffee, and I usually just have coffee at my desk, once I get to the office. I find Bodeums much harder on my stomach, and it’s because they don’t filter out those acid/oils that you see the top of your cup. I did the old paper filter, into a single mug for awhile, but to be honest – it was crappy. I HATE Keurig the way I hate a swiffer – taking a simple invention, and changing it so it creates tons of garbage, is not progress. Then a co-worker brought in a super cheap, and simple expresso machine. It’s digital, and probably from canadian tire, or Walmart or something. I just press the manual button it makes a nice long americano – aka a decent cup of coffee with nice froth on top. I can add more or less coffee or water, to really fine tune it. It takes up about as much room as the old perk machine does and only makes a cup at a time, but I’m the only one who drinks it, and it’s there and fast any time I want another. I use the stovetop at home on the weekends… but I kind of miss the expresso machine at work.


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