he’s not perfect but he’s mine

Whoa! Major mom-moment… I registered David for school yesterday. As I stood in the principal’s office, I wonder what his educational future will bring … and don’t doubt, it will likely involve a few time-outs. 

DAVID feb14

Here is what’s going on in his almost-5-year-old life.

  • Swimming is going really well – he can swim the length of the pool on his front and back. Jump into the deep end and is learning how to duck-dive under water.
  • Soccer is improving – he’s fast but has little concept of the game. He will take the ball from everyone, especially teammates.
  • He broke a personal best for lap count at his first and only skate at the Oval this year.
  • Lego, puzzles, boardgames and transformers.
  • Books – I am happy to report he loves books. He got his first library card and now we’re learning about the Titanic (his choice).
  • Sharing is caring but sharing is hard.
  • Like a dog, he like sticks, snow and rolling around.
  • TV. and crappy food, although he does eat carrot sticks dipped in mustard. 
  • French – he took a Saturday morning class and mastered the song ‘bonjour mes amis, bonjour’.
  • Friends – he has a great group of friends at school and in the neighbourhood.
  • He plans his birthday party almost everyday.
  • Currently, he wants to be a marine biologist when he gets bigger.
  • He is working on a nickname for himself – Gummi is what he likes to be called right now.
  • He measures age by height. The taller you are, the older you are. (People assume he is older because he is tall.)
  • Even though he is growing like a weed, he has never out grown a pair of pants. They alway get holes in the knees first!
  • He has a black eye because he fell into a chair while wrestling stuffed animals in French class.
  • He made this collage at preschool and my heart melted. “Mom, this is for you, I got the pictures from a magazine, I know you love magazines”.



Psst. Here is what I am reading right now.


4 thoughts on “he’s not perfect but he’s mine

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  2. I have to confess: I’m bad, bad, bad… I’ve read your blog when you first started, then kinda forgot about it, and now that you share on FB, I started reading it again and saw this post. HOW LOVELY! I think I smiled at every bullet points. Now I can tell you that David and Stella share at least one thing: they plan their birthday party! (Note: you’re now in my Feedly, I won’t forget about your very nice blog anymore and will happily wait for the next post!)


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