extra pickled turnip please

Out and AboutIn my on-going attempt to find the best sandwiches in Halifax, I landed on a goodie. Is it new? Donno. But it’s new to me. Mezza Lebanese Kitchen (on the corner of Barrington and Blower) is where I landed after a lunch hour barre class. I got the vegetarian pita and it filled me up but it didn’t make me feel like I just wrote-off my workout. I love Lebanese food and it’s one of the many things I miss about living in Montreal. I’ve been to the Mezza restaurant on Quinpool so it was nice to see they’ve added an express location. The Sandwich was excellent and certainly a contender for the top 10 in the city.


And speaking of pickled turnip, Google pointed me in the direction of this fantastic recipe. pickled-turnips Who wants in on a pickling party? xomeg

Sandwich photo taken with my iPhone, pickled turnip photo from www.davidlebovitz.com

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