all about castle

Lately I’ve seen a lot of CASTLE popping up on Pinterest and design blogs… and for good reason! If you are not sure what I’m talking about, check out their site and read what they’re all about:

“CASTLE loves having a bit of fun. We love color and whimsy. We love making accessible art and beautiful bedlinen. We love spots and fluro and grey and yellow and love hearts and flowers and paint and felt and everything that POPS around in our studio. If its fun we love it.”

I’ve been drooling over a few items and love the simplicity of their designs. Plus, felt is awesome. Here is what’s on my radar:


A. YEEHAH! Screen Print / B. Tutti Fruitti Linen Cushion Cover / C. Banana Linen Cushion Cover / D. Big Top 1 Screen Print / E. Hell Yeah Towel / F. Brett Acrylic and Metallic on Linen / G. Sunny Bag / H. Fluro Neutral Spot 3 Screen Print / I. Happy Place Towel / J. Tulip 2 Tea Towel / K. Green Stripe Pillowcase / L. Fluro Pink Spot Pillowcase / M. This Is Where The Fun Stuff Happens Felt and Linen / N. You’re So Very Very Pretty Felt and Linen / O. Big Party Hat Felt, Linen and Acetate / P. Ode to Zoe 4. Bananas Felt and Linen / Q. Be Colourful Felt and Linen / R. You Drive Me A Beautiful Crazy Felt and Linen (all images are from

*   *   *

And speaking of felt, I have to share with you something super-special that my Aunt Maureen gave David when he was born. It’s called the Learning Book and each page was hand-sewn and embroidered on felt with buttons, velcro, sand paper, zippers, ropes and yarn attached – each page features a letter from the alphabet plus a learning tool. My aunt started making this book years ago but put it aside. David was the first born of the next generation, and scored the finished product. How amazing. xomeg


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