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Working from home means I spend more time in jeans, flip flops and workout wear than office attire. This also means, work days blend into weekends, and if I plan to attend a noon-hour fitness class, I can get dressed for it at 7:30 am. Jealous?

The unfortunate part is that I don’t have good excuse for blazers and dress shirts, and when I actually go out, I have minimal options. I rarely shop for dress clothes and the majority of my wardrobe is J.Crew (factory of course!) however I was excited to hear the news this week that Marimekko and Banana Republic are joining forces for a limited-edition collection. Hello colour! Hello prints!

I look forward to seeing their collection, but in the meantime, here is a sample of Marimekko’s fabric swatches. If the collection makes it to the Halifax store, there could be a lot of fun colours and prints popping up in an office near you.

Perhaps I will dress-up too. xomeg


All fabric swatches are from

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