why did i cancel the cable?

I love my Netflix, I do. We cancelled cable a few years ago because we’re North End hipsters that don’t need to pay for old-school silliness. Okay, not exactly true. We actually cancelled cable because we hate reality T.V. (except Project Runway and Amazing Race of course) and felt our money was better spent bumping up the internet speed and watching what we really want to watch online.

For the most part, it’s been great. We invest our time in quality T.V. … not really less T.V. (I should probably admit I watch waaaay more T.V. than Mike) … but good T.V. and all is fine and dandy for 346 days of the year. What about the other 18 days you ask? Well, we are quickly approaching major events – events near and dear to my leisured-heart: The 2014 Winter Olympics and The Academy Awards. What is a sport/hollywood junkie like myself going to do?!?

Last year, in a moment of desperation, I signed up for cable in February just to watch the Oscars. Besides the 10 or so hours the Oscars dragged on, we barely watched cable and cancelled it shortly after. I thought about doing it again this year but things did not end well with our cable provider in March.*

Hopefully I will figure out an online solution for the Olympics and Oscars … or at least invite myself to someone else’s couch … but in the meantime, here are the movies you need to cram in before March 2.

Oscar Noms 2014

Oscar Noms 2014-list

As for my (amateur) take on the Oscars? I am guessing American Hustle will pick up steam and dominate; I am halfway through 12 Years a Slave and can not comment; I didn’t love Gravity as it made me uncomfortable and I could not imagine why anyone would put themselves in that situation. Space? No thanks. Captain Philips was better than expected, Dallas Buyers Club was good; I really want to see Her, and still need to watch Nebraska, Philomena and The Wolf of Wall Street. I am mad Fruitvale Station was denied. I am also sad Emma Thompson didn’t make the cut mostly because she’s hilarious. I though Blackfish would be in the documentary category but maybe SeaWorld killed that idea. I think Jared Leto has a good chance and this would make be happy because Jordan Catalano** will always have a special place in my high school heart. I am not sure of Leonardo’s performance in The Wolf of Wall Street but I’d like to see him win because I have still not recovered from his What’s Eating Gilbert Grape loss twenty years ago!

And for your viewing pleasure, here is a little Jordan Catalona

So if you are looking for me between now and March 3, I will probably be in front of some sort of electronic devise. xomeg

* Long story short, some dudes dressed as half-ass Bell employees came by a few months later to “follow-up” and inspect my home – me being street-smart, did not let them in and called the cops… turns out my instincts were right and they were not real Bell employees. I have no idea how they got details on my Bell account, but I am not interested in that drama again.

** I vowed back in November, I’d dye my hair red and dress like Angela Chase for a week if Jared Leto wins. Let’s see what happens.

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