calendar girl


Every November for the last six years, I’ve made a desktop calendar for myself and a few others who show interest. It has become a tradition and I guess it’s my own version of baking cookies to give out during the holidays.

When I first started, I used an x-acto knife, cutting board and ruler but happily upgraded to a paper cutter. The reason being, I make approximately 22 calendars. That’s two months on one page = 22 divided by 2 = 11 pages x 12 months = 132 pages + 5 cuts per page = 660 cuts! My blistered hands thank me!

Here are the previous years:

PrintPrintPrintPrintPrintI know with phones, tablets and computers by your side at all times, a printed calendar can be redundant but I still love and use them. So however you choose to keep track of life, may 2014 be a year of un-missed appointments and non-belated birthday wishes. xomeg


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