come on get crafty

You know those seasonal wreaths popping up everywhere this time of year? Well, in my option, they’re worth every penny! In an attempt to be crafty, I found this on Pinterest and decided it’d be perfect for the three windows at the back of the house. Why make one when you can make three?


Off to Michaels I went and spent ~ $90 on supplies. Argh.

And then I cut, and cut, and cut. {SO BORING}. Then I twisted and tied and hung… and VOILA!




Mine are clearly not as pretty, and Mike says we’ll need to renovate just to make room to store them for the other 11 months of the year, but I am convinced they’ll look great when the rest of the seasonal decor is placed.

So was this a fail? Not really but I won’t be making any more. I have cards and calendars to finish and there are at least five viewings of Love Actually scheduled for my holiday season. From what I’ve seen, the wreaths sell for + $40 so I guess I broke even if you factor in cost and time. Kind of.

Happy holidays! xomeg

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