Back in the spring, we decided to tackle the yard – as much as it was awesome to have the ugliest yard in the neighbourhood, we figured a mud pit was not what we were going for, plus, we had Google Maps to thank for an online reminder of the prettiest time in our lives on Cabot Street.

Screen Shot 2013-10-27 at 3.06.15 PM

As mentioned in the previous post Lets Take This Outside, we decided to do the yard ourselves (correction: the bank account decided it was best to do it ourselves). So, I came up with the plan and Mike slaved away all spring and summer. We hired a digger for the front but the rest was a one-man show (with the help of our dads and neighbors!) and I am happy to report we are 50% done and the snow has yet to arrive!

Not bad for a first-time landscaper.

Here’s a breakdown for those who are curious to know what’s been done and what will wait for next spring. 50% does not sound like a lot, but when you look at what’s been done versus what needs to be done, I think the worst has past.

  1. Dig down +1 feet for preparation for the stones and compress the ground
  2. Fill with gravel and compress
  3. Lay hand-cut flagstones in the back yard, side walkway and front walkway
  4. Lay turf pavers in front yard for an additional parking space
  5. Fill turf pavers with soil and spread grass seed
  6. Level the backyard with the pile of dirt from the holes dug for the stones
  7. Sod the front and back yard
  8. Build the front and side flower beds
  9. Plant bulbs for spring
  10. Transplant the flowers into the flower beds from the vegetable garden, where they lived during the renovation
  11. Fill the areas between the flagstones with crusher dust
  12. Paint the foundation around of the house – charcoal grey
  13. Stain the front and back patios
  14. Seed or sod the space between the side walkway and the neighbour’s driveway
  15. Buy new patio furniture
  16. Make the remaining dirt pile disappear and build a pergola next to the shed
  17. Build a swing set
  18. Re-pave or get a new concrete driveway
  19. Buy a fire pit and hanging chairs for the pergola space
  20. Plant a hydrangea

I didn’t add ‘plant a palm tree and install a lap pool’, so I think things are still somewhat realistic for a 2014 finale. xomeg

photo 3-1

photo 1-1

photo 5

photo 1

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