a drapey striped cable cardigan

How do you survive winter? Invest in a comfy comfort sweater.

Working from home has some perks … One being I can wear what I want. This however means I do not wear my PJs all day. In fact, I do make somewhat of an effort because you never know who will come knocking. What if Facetime rings?

So yes, I put on jeans and a bit of make-up everyday but I also wear slippers. The funny thing is, my two previous jobs, before working from home, were both at home-offices, so in actuality, my work-wardrobe has been the same since 2004.

But I digress… I found this sweater on The Gap website and they were having a mid-week mega sale. Regular $70 with 35% off – SOLD!


It’s a great investment because it will keep me warm but it matches the office decor and that’s what it’s all about.


Happy Thanksgiving Canada. xomeg

3 thoughts on “a drapey striped cable cardigan

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