hang it. series two.

It’s the I WANT. I NEED. instalment of the hang it series.

Back in 2011, I’d surf the internet and bookmark a link of something I saw and liked. Then, a few weeks or months later, I’d look at 500 bookmarks and have no clue where any of them linked to unless I clicked on each one. Or even worse, I’d save an image to my desktop titled ‘83756.jpg’ and never be able to source it again.

One time, when in Hong Kong, I saw an alphabet poster – I had to have it but knew I had no way of getting it home. It took me many hours of Googling to source it six months later with only a vague memory of what it looked like and now it happily hangs on David’s wall.

But then came Pinterest. Hallelujah! “A tool for collecting and organizing things you love.”

So long bookmarks… Goodbye desktop inspiration folders… Hello beautiful.

One of my first and favourite boards is titled hang it, where I collect prints I have and want. Here are the top WANTs:

hang it-2

A. Sink in, float by Samatha French / B. Cow no. 2 from the Animal Print Shop / C. Rising of the Setting Sun by Wayne Pate / D. Question Mark from Odd Hero / E. A Dozen Eggs Print by Jack Summerford / F. For Like Ever by Super Rural / G. Shut the front door wooden sign from OhDierLiving / H. Talum by Max Wanger / I. La Mela modern poster by  Enzo Mari / J. Rain Drops from I Need Nice Things / K. Minimalist Art Print of Mountains from Evesand.

Hopefully some of these will make it to the own it instalment but until then, happy pinning and hanging. xomeg

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