cottage country

Q: What’s almost as fun as owning and decorating your own cottage?

A: Having a friend who owns a cottage and asks for advice!

*     *      *

I got a text from my Sabrina asking for colour advice – she has cottage on Prince Edward Island and is working hard at making it a lovely cottage-chic getaway. It is steps away from a sandy beach and she’s using it as inspiration for their home away from home.

Sabrina already painted and reupholstered some great chairs for her kitchen and sent a text asking for my thoughts on painting the maple table. It was the yellowish maple that looked fine but would be even better with some colour. (please, don’t be jealous of my mad illustrator skills)

Here is the before:

PEI kitchen_Page_1

See, how fun are those chairs?!

​My first thought was white,

PEI kitchen_Page_2

but then my imagination wandered to several more options… black or dark charcoal… maybe too intense for a summer home;

PEI kitchen_Page_7

a lighter shade of blue to mellow the chairs;

PEI kitchen_Page_4

sabrina mentioned she had a can of yellow;

PEI kitchen_Page_6

then I thought it’d be bold to go even greener;

PEI kitchen_Page_3

or magenta;

PEI kitchen_Page_8

and finally purple!

PEI kitchen_Page_5

And here is the winner…


Such a great ending to a fun project! Thanks Sabrina. -xomeg

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