leaving it to the pro

I’ve been thinking about an update to David’s room as he’s now four and it’d be fun to make a change to what’s going on in there. David’s room is small, like all of the rooms upstairs, (10×10 ish) and it has a teeny-tiny closet. The room was done before he was born so it’s somewhat neutral (although you can tell I had an inkling it was a boy = pale blue walls and orange accents).

I thought it’d be fun to show David twelve themes of boyish bedding… after all, he’s the pro when it comes to what four-year-old boys are into these days. Let’s just say, our tastes differ a bit but that’s to be expected.


all snapshots are from The Land of Nod!

Drum rolllllll, and the winner is “oh-bouy” – nautical, boats, beach, blue, red, grey and yellow. Shall we dive in?

The number one item on my (David’s) wish list are bunk-beds! What kid doesn’t want an extra spot for sleepovers? In a small room, you need to maximize your vertical space too! Also, it’s important to not overdue the theme too much – no need for sea sickness.

Boys Room

Here’s the low-down

  • A: Neutral curtains over an existing pull-shade.
  • B: A fun coastline bed-side light.
  • C:  These wall hooks are the best – I actually have a few spots in my home where i’d happily hang these guys!  Should I buy in bulk?
  • D/G: A slim teak desk and a foldable chair will leave less clutter but offers a space for homework.
  • E: A rug, which matches the curtains, will warm up the room.
  • F: Fun linens with a pop of colour!
  • H/I: Books books and more books – the nightstand and the red caddy will fill up.​
  • J/K:  Matching bed and dresser.
  • L:  With a desk long dresser, bunk-beds and a nightstand, there is no room to sit – so a pouf will float around nicely and act as a seat or table.
  • M: Wire bins – for socks, toys, and whatever else can be put in there, rather than on the floor!
  • N: The small closet will turn into open shelves – boys don’t need to hang much, so let’s maximize some storage space and use funky neon green shelves.
  • O: What nautical room is complete without a pipe-smoking seagull?
  • P: The world map – not THAT nautical, but I think every kids needs to know where they stand in this big ol’ world of ours.
  • Q/R/S/U: A sham to match the linens, a nautical quilt, an anchor pillow and a flag throw pillow completes the theme and can easily be swapped out when/if his taste changes.
  • T: Some fun desk decor.

So when is this happening? Probably not right away because landscaping is at the top of our list but it’s fun to have plan. – xomeg

oh, and just so you know, here’s what the room looks like now


psst… The Alphabet and Number prints will find a new home downstairs… technically I purchased them for my baby-to-be, but knew they’d always have a place on my walls regardless of what happened to the nursery.

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