hang it. series one.

I woke up to the news Alex Colville passed away. Whenever I see his paintings,  I dream about owning a cottage and the first piece of artwork I’d want to hang is “To Prince Edward Island”.


To Prince Edward Island

I love searching for artwork and there are many many prints I’d love to hang in my home (or imaginary cottage), plus some great ones I’ve collected along the way. I’ve been planning to post a series of hang it style boards and decided today is the prefect day to start.  Below is my tribute to Alex and my top 10 from his collection. xo-meg

hang it-1

A. At Grand Pre / B. Couple on Beach / C. To Prince Edward Island / D. Woman with a Wash Basket / E. Woman and Terrier / F. Stop for Cows / G. Departure / H. Woman Carrying Canoe / I. Arrival / J. Family and Rainstorm

All images and more found online here.

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