fit for a queen (or king)

July is here and at the top of my radar is the anticipating arrival of the royal baby. I can virtually see people rolling their eyes right now, but I don’t care, I love the royal family (regardless of their many faults). With this being said, here is my tribute to the royal baby.

Royal Baby

A. London Olympics running tank / B. Burberry​ trench / C. Fancy pants / D. Fatface hoodie​ (it’s a british store) / E. An Ernest Race rocker / F. Jamie’s cookbook ​/ G. Liberty London pillow / H. Docs / I. Tea​ time / J. Hobnobs​ with your tea / K. Charles Stephen / L. London print / M. Royal blue party dress / N. Pretty and pink bag

If I was a betting girl, I’d go with July 8, GIRL, Victoria Diana… is that too predictable?

Cheers! xo-meg

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